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  • Hair Circle, the wholistic hair therapy as the name suggest is holistic and complete therapy for all your hair related concerns.

    Hair Circle is one stop solution. Our experts designed treatment protocol with special focus on nutrition and erratic lifestyle of current world. Our experts are qualified dermatologists having experience of more than 10 years. Hair is an ornament for everyone and loosing hair is cause of stress for many. As it is not a lifesaving emergency, treatment is delayed most of the time and when problem worsens treatment is searched. There is information overload in this era and constant bombardment of advertises and myths and false claims related to hair treatment misleads the sufferer only to lose his time and money.

    Research has proven that hair fall is having psychosocial impact on individuals life. Lost hair can be regained and regrown if timely interventions are done. Finding a correct treatment partner is challenging as every individuals is unique though symptoms are common, reason may be different for each one. If treatment started at right time hairs can be preserved. We provide personalized treatment option to patients considering unique needs of their bodies. Integrative treatment approach is followed which consist of ayurveda, nutrition, allopathy medicines, surgeries and camouflaging options. We provide best of everything. Treatment protocols are trusted by thousands of patients.



I have been using HairCircle for the last 6 months. My hair feel dense and lustrous than it did before. I love the HairCircle Regime and I highly recommend it.



Using HairCircle products has dramatically changed my overall Hair Health, it has helped me immensely with early signs of Hairfall and Thinning. I'm able to see significant difference in my hair in just 3 months of use.



I discovered HairCircle a couple months ago after I started having some Hairfall. I needed something that would help me stop my Hairfall. I have to say that my hairfall has been significantly reduced since I`ve started using HairCircle and it has also helped improve my overall Hair Health!.


Store Manager

I've been struggling with hairloss and hair thinning for the past 2 years and I must say that after starting to use this product. I'm noticing that the damage to my hair has been significantly reversed thanks to HairCircle's patented blend of ingredients.


Tennis player

I love the ingredient list on these product. It provides me with all the essential Vitamins and Minerals needed for healthy Hair in a easy way to follow regime.


Marketing Head

This product is just Amazing!, I'm 34, and my friend recommended this product to me after seeing my receding hairline. After only 4 months of following suggested regimen, I'm seeing new growth across my hairline and noticeable dense hair.

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